1 ltr Pressure Sprayer

Price: 17.90 NZD

25 watt High Temp Pump

Price: 119.90 NZD

2200 watt Heating Element

Price: 73.90 NZD
Great for HL Tanks etc. Heating Water. Needs a 32 mm Hole.

Dual Temp Controller

Price: 75.95 NZD

10 mm Silicone Tubing x 1mtr

Price: 7.80 NZD

23 ltr Glass Carboy Syp[hon Cap

Price: 6.00 NZD

Hop Straining Bag

Price: 5.00 NZD

130mm Plastic funnel

Price: 5.50 NZD

23 cn Plastic Funnel

Price: 9.50 NZD

50cm Plastic Spoon

Price: 5.10 NZD

9.5mm Tubing per mtr

Price: 3.00 NZD

7.9mm Tubing per mtr

Price: 2.50 NZD

English Barrel Tap

Price: 7.50 NZD
Tapered Thread, No backing nut

English Barrel Tap With Nut

Price: 7.50 NZD

White Brew Bottler

Price: 5.60 NZD

Small Filter Bag

Price: 20.30 NZD

Large Filter Bag

Price: 21.80 NZD

Muslim Bag

Price: 2.25 NZD

10ltr Plastic Pail

Price: 20.40 NZD
Alcohol Tolerant. Dont use anything else

Wine Making Starter Kit

Price: 145.00 NZD
Does not include fruit or bottles

Starter Brewery Kit

Price: 110.00 NZD
Everything you need to start brewing beer except bottles or kegs

59cm Plastic Spoon

Price: 7.10 NZD

59cm Plastic Mash Paddle

Price: 7.10 NZD