Alembic Pot Still

Price: 325.00 NZD

Alembic Copper Dome Pot Still

Price: 625.00 NZD

SS T500 Stater Pack

Price: 699.00 NZD

SS Air Still Essentials Kit

Price: 399.00 NZD
Cheapest way to get into making your own Spirits

Ultra 1000 Glass Column Still with T500 Boiler

Price: 599.00 NZD

Ultra 1000 Glass Reflux Column

Price: 390.00 NZD

SS T 500 Condenser

Price: 399.00 NZD

SS Pot Still Copper Condensor

Price: 190.00 NZD

Essencia Express 2000 Starter Kit

Price: 1050.00 NZD
Comes with EVERYTHING you need to start distilling and storing your own spirits. Dont be Fooled by others. Bonus 7kg Dextrose included.

Essencia Express 2000 Still

Price: 750.00 NZD
Still Only

Essencia Express Condenser

Price: 450.00 NZD

SS Pot Still Copper Alembic Dome

Price: 250.00 NZD

Contact Reactive carbon x 1 kg

Price: 34.50 NZD
Use 10 g per litre in your filter

SS Large Filter 5 Pack

Price: 2.50 NZD

Verta Flow Stainless Spirit and Water Filter

Price: 100.00 NZD

Small Filter Papers 5 Pack

Price: 2.50 NZD

Copper Reflux Tower Pad

Price: 9.00 NZD

500g Ceramic Rings

Price: 21.00 NZD

500g Glass Ludwig Domes

Price: 6.00 NZD

500g Stainless Saddles

Price: 37.50 NZD

Essencia Ceramic Cartridge

Price: 57.00 NZD

Essencia Carbon Cartridge

Price: 52.00 NZD

T500 Black Boiler Tap

Price: 15.00 NZD

T 500 Column O Ring

Price: 4.00 NZD

T500 Temp Sensor with Teflon Wire and SS Probe

Price: 30.60 NZD

SS t500 Copper Saddles 100g

Price: 15.10 NZD

SS Ceramic Boil Enhancers 12g

Price: 2.30 NZD

SS Water Flow Regulator

Price: 99.00 NZD

SS Replacement Filter

Price: 8.90 NZD

SS Inline Easy Filter

Price: 59.90 NZD

Element Cord

Price: 16.90 NZD

1380 watt hoop element

Price: 45.90 NZD

Element Washer

Price: 2.00 NZD

Element Nut

Price: 10.20 NZD

Essencia Blue Plastic Boiler Tap

Price: 12.30 NZD

2000 watt Element

Price: 68.90 NZD
with nut and washer

SS Air Still Carbon Cartridges x 10

Price: 7.90 NZD

Essencia Condenser Packing Tool

Price: 24.90 NZD

Water Cooling Thermometer

Price: 27.90 NZD

Reflux Column Thermometer

Price: 25.60 NZD

Essencia Condenser Packing Set

Price: 19.90 NZD

Essencia Spirit / Water Filter

Price: 184.00 NZD
This is the best filter on the market. You pay for what you get