500ml Glycerine

Price: 17.90 NZD

1 litre Glycerine

Price: 28.00 NZD

Pro Ferm

Price: 19.90 NZD
Professional Yeast Nutrient and Wine Enhancer. Sufficient for up to 10 25 litre brews. Contains all the nutrients you need.

Pure Brew

Price: 19.90 NZD
Professional Beer Enhancer. Minimizes the impact of chlorine and feeds the yeast with a blend of nutrients. Enough for 10 brews

5.2 pH Stabilizer 150 grms

Price: 14.50 NZD
Use 1 tablespoon per 25 ltrs

Super Clear Wine and Beer Finings

Price: 4.95 NZD
2 Part Finings for 23ltrs

Brewmaster Cask Oak Conditioner 100g (Chips)

Price: 7.50 NZD
Use to flavour Traditional Ales

Winexpert Glycerine 120 ml

Price: 10.00 NZD

Super Moss 4 oz

Price: 19.00 NZD

Harris Prime Pads

Price: 19.90 NZD

Harris Filtabrite Pads

Price: 19.90 NZD

Vinbrite Filter Pads 5's

Price: 34.90 NZD
To fit a Harris Filter

24 cm Round Filter Papers x 25

Price: 24.90 NZD

Licorice Sticks

Price: 3.20 NZD
Use to flavour Stout

Mangrove Jacks iquid Beer Finings

Price: 2.20 NZD

Beer Finings 5g

Price: 1.90 NZD
Treats 25ltrs beer

Isinglass finings 100ml

Price: 3.90 NZD
Clears 25ltrs beer or wine

Tronozymol 100g

Price: 11.20 NZD
Ensures healthy yeast growth

Potassium Metabisulphate 4g

Price: 1.40 NZD
deoxidizes 25 ltrs of wine

Dry Enzyme 3g

Price: 1.80 NZD
Use for low carb and dry beer. Treats 25ltrs

Beer and Wine Sweetener 60g

Price: 5.40 NZD
Use to sweeten beer or wine

Irish Moss

Price: 5.90 NZD
Boil clarifier for beer

Carrageenan 25g

Price: 5.90 NZD
Boil clarifier for beer

Calcium Sulphate

Price: 6.20 NZD
Use to lower PH in beer

Calcium Carbonate 100g

Price: 5.00 NZD
Use to raise PH in beer

Bentonite 100g

Price: 4.90 NZD
Clears wine

Yeast Activater Tablets x 10

Price: 3.80 NZD
Assists in yeast growth

Tannin 25g

Price: 6.90 NZD
Adds flavour and character to wine

Pectinase 75g

Price: 6.40 NZD
Releases juice and flavour from fruit

Wine Nutrient 100g Vintners Harvest

Price: 5.90 NZD

Wine Stabiliser 50g

Price: 4.30 NZD
Use to stop secondary fermentation in wine

Malic Acid 100g

Price: 4.00 NZD
Use to increase acid in wines

Citric Acid 100g

Price: 3.40 NZD
Use as a final rinse after sterilizing

Ascorbic Acid 25g

Price: 3.30 NZD
Use with Campden tabs when racking wine

Tartaric acid 100g

Price: 8.50 NZD
Used to increase the acid in wines

Campden Tablets x 50

Price: 4.00 NZD
Sterilizing Tablets

Campden Tablets x 50

Price: 4.90 NZD