Grainfather Connect

Price: 1350.00 NZD

Grainfather Conical with Dual Tap Valve and Temp C

Price: 890.00 NZD
Does not include Glycol Unit.

30 ltrGrainfather Conical Fermenter Basic

Price: 740.00 NZD
The Basic Conical without Glycol Unit, Dual Valve Tap or Temp Controller.

Grainfather Glycol Chiller

Price: 1435.00 NZD
Can chill up to four Grainfather 30 ltr Conicals. Fermenter not included.

Grainfather Conical Temp Controller

Price: 90.00 NZD

Grainfather duel tap valve

Price: 145.00 NZD

Sparge andHot Water urn

Price: 149.00 NZD

Robobrew All Grain Brewing System

Price: 595.00 NZD

Two Roller Grain Mill with 10 ltr Bucket

Price: 260.00 NZD
Stainless Mill with Bonus 10 ltr Collection Bucket and Lid

Hop Spider Stainless

Price: 59.90 NZD
Stainless Spider 150 mm Diameter x 300 mm Height

Gladfield Dark Crystal x 1kg

Price: 5.10 NZD

Gladfield Munich Malt x i kg

Price: 4.50 NZD

Gladfield Pilsner Malt x 25 kg

Price: 79.90 NZD

Gladfield Pilsner Malt x 1kg

Price: 3.95 NZD

Gladfield Ale Malt x 1 kg

Price: 3.95 NZD

Gladfield Ale Malt x 25 kg

Price: 79.90 NZD

Weyermann Pilsner x 1kg

Price: 4.00 NZD

Gladfield Peat Smoked Malt x 1kg

Price: 4.95 NZD

Gladfield Distillers Malt x 25 kg

Price: 79.90 NZD

Gladfield Distillers Malt x 1 kg

Price: 4.50 NZD

Mouterij Dingemans Pilsner 25kg

Price: 112.50 NZD

Malteurop Pilsner 25 kg Bag

Price: 77.00 NZD

Pale Wheat 25kg ( weyermann)

Price: 115.00 NZD

Weyermann Pilsner x 25kg

Price: 90.50 NZD

Marris Otter Pale Ale 25kg

Price: 110.00 NZD

Malteurop Pale Ale 25 kg

Price: 85.00 NZD

Medium Crystal x 1 kg (bairds)

Price: 4.70 NZD

Bairds Brown Malt x 1kg

Price: 4.85 NZD

Cara Pils x 1 kg (weyermann)

Price: 4.75 NZD

Golden Promise x 1kg

Price: 4.50 NZD

Cara Munich Type 1 x 1 kg (weyermann)

Price: 4.15 NZD

Weyermann Carared 1 kg

Price: 5.90 NZD

Extra Pale Premium Pilsner x 1 kg (weyermann)

Price: 4.10 NZD

Weyermann Rye Malt x 1kg

Price: 4.20 NZD

Bairds Caramalt 1kg

Price: 4.50 NZD

Weyermann Roast Barley 1kg

Price: 5.00 NZD
Carafa Special Type 3

Bairds Dark Crystal 1kg

Price: 4.50 NZD

Weyermann Pale Wheat 1kg

Price: 4.50 NZD

Malteurop Pilsner 1kg

Price: 3.40 NZD

Malteurop Pils 5kg

Price: 17.00 NZD

Malteurop Pale Ale 1kg

Price: 3.40 NZD

Robobrew Stainless Wort Chiller

Price: 80.00 NZD

Yeast Starter Copper Wort Immersion Chiller

Price: 19.50 NZD
120 mm OD Coil, 100 mm Height

Ph Meter

Price: 45.00 NZD

Hop Bag

Price: 5.00 NZD

Large Grain Bag

Price: 23.00 NZD

Small Grain Bag

Price: 19.30 NZD

59cn Stainless Mash Paddle

Price: 34.90 NZD

All Grain Micro Brewery with Cooler ( price negoti

Price: 1150.00 NZD
Grainfather Brewing System. Price negotiable.