Beer Gun with hose and connect

Price: 120.00 NZD

Growler Filler

Price: 13.50 NZD

Diffusion Stone

Price: 13.50 NZD

Beer Line Clamp 6mm

Price: 2.20 NZD

19ltr Second Hand Corney Kegs

Price: 115.00 NZD

5kg Co2 Bottle

Price: 325.00 NZD

5.0mm Beer / Air Line x 5 mtrs

Price: 15.00 NZD

Lubri-film 113g

Price: 21.00 NZD
Food grade lube for keg posts, taps, pivots etc

Corny Keg Poppet

Price: 5.30 NZD

Clamp Crimper

Price: 12.95 NZD

5.5 mm Clear Beer Line per/mtr

Price: 3.10 NZD

Corny Keg Connect Beer

Price: 11.50 NZD

Corny Keg Connect Gas

Price: 11.50 NZD

Kegerators Prices From

Price: 580.00 NZD
Please phone to order

19ltr Keg Lid O Ring

Price: 7.50 NZD

19ltr New Stainless Kegs

Price: 175.00 NZD