TDS Water Tester

Price: 14.90 NZD

TP 101 Digital Thermometer

Price: 11.90 NZD

700 ml Plastic Container

Price: 8.75 NZD
Pharmaceutical grade. Suitable for yeast harvesting and storing and more.

Dual Temp Controller

Price: 75.95 NZD
Maintain Hot and Cold Temps with this controller

7 PH Buffer Solution 250 ml

Price: 19.00 NZD
Use to set Ph Meters

4 Ph Buffer Solution 250 ml

Price: 19.00 NZD
Use to set PH Meters

5 litre Erlenmyer Flask

Price: 70.00 NZD

100ml Glass Trial Glass

Price: 10.00 NZD

70mm Glass Funnel

Price: 12.00 NZD

23 ltr Glass Carboy

Price: 89.90 NZD
Straps and Handle not included

10mm Glass Tubing x 500ml

Price: 25.00 NZD

Erlenmeyer Flask 1000ml

Price: 20.00 NZD

Erlenmeyer Flask 100ml

Price: 12.00 NZD

Glass Eye Dropper

Price: 3.00 NZD

Glass Beaker 150ml

Price: 12.00 NZD

Temperature Display

Price: 32.00 NZD

Floating Thermometer

Price: 17.00 NZD

20 x 30ml Plastic Measure Cups

Price: 6.00 NZD


Price: 60.00 NZD

PH Papers x 20

Price: 5.00 NZD


Price: 19.90 NZD

1ltr Plastic Jug

Price: 8.80 NZD


Price: 15.90 NZD
For Beer and Wine

PH Meter

Price: 45.00 NZD

Temperature Strip

Price: 6.00 NZD

100ml Plastic Trial Jar

Price: 8.80 NZD
For use with Hydrometer

250ml Plastic Jug

Price: 8.80 NZD

5ltr Plastic Jug

Price: 25.60 NZD

3ltr Plastic Jug

Price: 17.40 NZD


Price: 16.30 NZD

3 ml Pipete

Price: 3.00 NZD

10ml Syringe and tube

Price: 4.40 NZD